The Beginners Guide to the Sweet Spot

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The ‘sweet spot’ is the pinnacle of positioning and strength combined; it is the exact point where a handstand is controlled. Throughout the following 33 page guide, you will be exposed to multiple balancing progressions, practices and a small week schedule in regards to how you should be training handstands and how often… as well as 10 main tips and tricks to nail a neutral handstand.



1. Introduction to the sweet spot - What is the sweet spot?

2. Why handbalancing - What is your why & personal experience.

3. Foundation Work - Pyramid structure for laying a solid foundation.

4. Pyramid Base Structure - Core, Shoulders, Wrists and Fingers

5. Build Up Exercises - Frog stand, Elbow stand, Wall handstand

6. Getting Up - Kick up, Troubleshooting kick up problems

7. Body Positioning (basics) - Straight, Tuck, Arched, Pike, Straddle

8. Training Schedule - 3 Stages of training Handstands, Weekly Training Schedule Example.

9. Tips and Tricks. 


Please note - This guide is exactly that, just a guide. They may not work for everyone, as they are not personalised to everyones needs. By purchasing these guides you agree to the terms and conditions. 

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