Morgan Rose Moroney

As a child, I was found cartwheeling around home, whilst most children were still learning roly-poly’s. My parents were quick to throw me into the sport of Gymnastics and after my first trial day at the local gymnastics centre, they knew I was a perfect fit for the sport. Immediately after the trial I was taken to a new gym, and put into an elite program where I ended up doing gymnastics for a following 12 years. Despite how small and petite I was, my strength was a testament to the physical strength I had gained over the years and because of this I was asked to join in on the sport they called Acrobatic Gymnastics as a top/flyer. To this day, I attribute most if not all of my flexibility and technique to my acrobatic training. Training morning and night, 30-40 hours a week wasn’t easy. I had to sacrifice doing all the normal things an adolescent would do, like school disco’s or going to the movies with your friends. However, it proved to be well worth it as I went on to win 8 National Titles.

It all came to an end when I was finishing up high-school and my parents chose to take me out of the sport to focus on my schooling. As upsetting as it was, I had a life where I could spend time doing all the things I had rarely ever had time to do in the past. My interests went elsewhere and I had pushed away the sport that had consumed my life for so long. I started playing AFL (Australian Football League) and played at a National level within that sport for a few years.

After graduating high school from Lourdes Hill College in Hawthorne, QLD, I moved to the Gold Coast and started my bachelor in Exercise Science (pre-physiotherapy). I spent years studying and working a part time job as a gymnastics coach, but felt like I wanted more…

I started getting back into skill work training and met a few people who introduced me into the movement of Calisthenics. 

Inspired by the movement, I started getting back into my gymnastics training focusing on my flexibility and strength work whilst trying to incorporate calisthenics movements as well. Dedicating so much time back into these things saw me grow within the Fitness community... leading to sponsorships with international companies, competing in 'The Ultimate Beastmaster' tv show on Netflix & becoming the Oxygen Cover Model for the March/April 2018 issue.  


Never would I have thought I would be where I am today. Grateful is an understatement. 

  • MRM xx